US$ 32.87
1/23NM   58%TENCEL 42%NYLON
•Gloss, fine and soft, directional distribution of hairiness, plump suede, extremely decorative effect, not easy to shed hair as its characteristics •VISCOSE is comfortable to wear, resistant to dilute alkali and similar to cotton in hygroscopicity. •TENCEL comes from LENZING™ and uses natural coniferous wood fiber as raw material, which is natural and environmentally friendly.  Tight and regular fiber molecules have a strength about 20% greater than that of ordinary viscose fibers, and have the warmth retention property of wool, good hygroscopicity, comfort and softness of cotton.
US$ 17
•The raw material of LENZING green fiber TENCEL is wood pulp fiber, which has the softness and comfort of cotton, has excellent hygroscopicity and air permeability, and bright luster. •It has shrinkage stability, is smooth to the touch, has natural moisture content of Tencel as high as 13%, and is not prone to static electricity.
US$ 19.1
2/36NM   59%TENCEL® 25%WOOL 16%NYLON
 •Tencel from LENZING™ takes pure natural wood fiber as raw material. Its natural environmental protection strength is about 20% higher than that of ordinary viscose fiber, and it has the warmth retention, moisture absorption, comfort and softness of wool.